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Old browser-based online backgammon games

Now you can play backgammon without registration, for example, in LiveGames. Open a browser game for two players for free – and start an intellectual battle! What did a person who wanted to play backgammon do before? I took a board, bones, checkers and went to a friend. Either he was throwing the bones to […]

Overview of the new game Asterix and Friends, the genre of strategy

Play game Asterix and Friends Online

In distant Gaul, where unimaginably beautiful nature and dozens of living tribes, there was once calm and quiet. But the impudent Romans came, the appearance of which was the result of the growth of the famous Roman Empire. The shadow of Rome covers almost everything and seeks to destroy those who disagree and disobedient. Almost […]

Review of online games 1100 AD

Play game 1100 AD

How does the history of the great kingdom begin? From a small castle. From a neglected, poor estate. With a small knight troop, faithful to his overlord. With registration in the free browser strategy 1100AD! The plot takes us to the times of feudal estates and knightly duels. This is a real find for those […]

Play online in the Liberation of Europe

Play game Liberation of Europe

Free game The liberation of Europe endures in the era of World War II, when the fate of the continent was decided in the confrontation between the USSR, Germany and the allied coalition. You will break into Paris and Berlin, seize Moscow or lead European countries under the authority of the US – the outcome […]