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Genre military strategy occupies a large part of the gaming industry. In itself, the strategy genre includes sub-genres, which differ in the setting and details of the universe. And the main thing in them is not graphics and physics, but details and thoughtful gameplay, which is much more interesting.

There are a lot of free games without registration in this genre, but many developers did not take care of Russian-speaking users, so in the overwhelming majority of such games do not support the Russian language. But on our platform you can comfortably play games online in Russian. And this article will tell you the three best free military strategies that are undoubtedly worthy of attention.

StarTrek: Another Earth is the best free military space strategy, which also includes an RPG with TBS elements at the same time. The game process is a step-by-step strategy, created based on the famous fantasy series, where players will have to fight as captains of the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The winner will be the player who has a stronger ship, more deadly weapons and more cohesive team. Try to play for free in a browser game on our platform – RBK Games. The registration of the player is incredibly simple, so nothing will stop you from conquering the boundless expanses!

Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War – a game in the genre of military strategy for the universe, which includes several dozen projects designed for the desktop war game Warhammer 40000.
The universe of this series is a very thoughtful and complex mechanism that shows a distant future, the fortieth millennium, in which space is only a war! Warhammer 40,000 demonstrates to us how cruel the future is in relation to humanity as a species. Here is:

dark fantasy;
science fiction;
A huge ENT.
This is exactly what you should start immersing in the fascinating world of Warhammer 40000.

The old good Age of Empires is the undisputed classic of the genre. The Age of Empires was published before the beginning of the era of multiplayer. Probably, that’s why old games had bigger and longer single companies than modern ones. Players have to choose their civilization, create their own city, infrastructure, and then the army. Setting covers an abstract period of time that begins in the dark Middle Ages and ends with the Renaissance and Renaissance. Sounds interesting? Then we recommend you Empire Online 2, you can play it right here – at RBK Games.

If you do not have time to download and install the listed games, and play a free military strategy in Russian you still want, then play without registering with the Generals of World War II right now