Review of online games 1100 AD

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How does the history of the great kingdom begin? From a small castle. From a neglected, poor estate. With a small knight troop, faithful to his overlord. With registration in the free browser strategy 1100AD!

The plot takes us to the times of feudal estates and knightly duels. This is a real find for those who want to play an economic browser on the theme of the Middle Ages!

Review online games 1100AD

Game 1100 AD for freeThe higher the realism of development – the more interesting it is to play in browser simulators. In this sense 1100AD is really very good and will impress even the hardcore gamer. A powerful economic component is combined in this game with excellent tactical and strategic capabilities:

You need to develop your castle and surrounding areas. First, the estate is in a terrible decline, and your opportunities do not allow you to create at least some meaningful army. But everything is ahead of you! Develop, build, grow rich. Concluding alliances with neighbors, lead a mutually beneficial trade. By the way, a tunnel can be built between the allied cities, which will secure the movement of your caravans.
You can show all your tactical talents on the battlefield, combining different types of troops and applying ingenious military techniques. Naturally, the more money you have, the more powerful the army, the better the armament. And at the head of it you can put the heroic commander! But to hire it, it will take economic power.
Be sure to pay attention to the strategic planning of your development. Include long-term alliances, apply diplomacy skills and look at territories that can become yours.

Online games 2017 - 1100 ADWithin the framework of the brief review it is impossible to describe all the branches of the armed forces and the types of buildings. But the review of the browser game in the genre of strategy 1100ad will be incomplete, if you do not mention the Asian setting. If European feudalism bores you – create your kingdom in Asia!

Start playing right now!

To successfully free play 1100ad online, real money is not required. They can be invested to get some time-saving features, but most gamers play for free.

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