Play online in the Liberation of Europe

Play game Liberation of Europe

Free game The liberation of Europe endures in the era of World War II, when the fate of the continent was decided in the confrontation between the USSR, Germany and the allied coalition. You will break into Paris and Berlin, seize Moscow or lead European countries under the authority of the US – the outcome of a global duel depends on the choice of the faction. But do not think that playing free online in the Liberation of Europe will not be difficult. Only after learning the many secrets of the game, you do not sit in a puddle when trying to take any more or less of a large city. Let’s talk about these nuances in more detail.

Develop the Central District

Play online gamesAt the beginning of the online game focus on the development of the Central District. Click on the blue button of the same name at the bottom of the screen and you will enter the window with three tabs:

the science.

On the first tab you will find four buildings. The Kremlin determines the level of other buildings, the Ministry of Industry is responsible for the extraction of resources, Sberbank delivers the currency, and the National Reserve sets limits on resources and currencies that you can keep in your account. Playing for free in the strategy of the Liberation of Europe, regularly pump these buildings to increase the economic power of your faction.

Do not forget the buildings with the tabs Army and Science. The former allow you to gain command points necessary for the construction of military equipment and recruitment of troops, and the latter are necessary for the modernization of tanks, aircraft and defenses. To improve the level of construction in the strategy of the Liberation of Europe, find this building in the Central District and click the “Improve” button.

Restore cities

Each captured or liberated city is the source of replenishment of your treasury. But before you click on the button “Collect taxes”, restore the destroyed mining buildings. Continuing to play for free already in new locations, regularly improve the conquered cities, and you will collect more tribute from them.

Prepare for the battles

Online games for freeFor the successful passage of the online strategy Liberation of Europe requires careful preparation for the storming of cities. Each unit has troops that it can defeat on the spot, and those against which it is almost powerless. Divide the divisions in such a way that your connections inflict 100% damage to the enemy, while the response damage would not exceed 25%. At least several times playing online in the browser game The Liberation of Europe, you will understand that in these actions there is nothing super complicated.

Complete assignments

Do not neglect the game tasks. The execution of quests is rewarded with gold and additional points for the development of the offensive. The city from the task is searched on the world map by icons with flashing green swords.

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