Old browser-based online backgammon games

Old browser-based online backgammon gamesNow you can play backgammon without registration, for example, in LiveGames. Open a browser game for two players for free – and start an intellectual battle!

What did a person who wanted to play backgammon do before? I took a board, bones, checkers and went to a friend. Either he was throwing the bones to himself alone, if there is not anyone around who knows the rules of the game in trick-track or shish-besh (that is sometimes called this board game). Now you can play backgammon without registration, for example, in LiveGames. Open a browser game for two players for free – and start an intellectual battle!

Shish Besh in your browser

LiveGames – a collection of desktop browser-based online games without registration, covering all kinds of tastes. On your choice: http://www.miniclipgamez.com/categories/23/board.html

card (there are dozens of them, including poker and blackjack in various variations);
classical (chess, checkers, go, rendzyu, reverse)
games for luck;
Play online backgammon gamessimple entertainment (balls, lines, solitaire, mahjong);
and, of course, a special section – dominoes and backgammon.

Browser Backgammon Game

Browser online backgammon game in LiveGames is presented in two versions: long and short. Even without registering, you can play for free in both long and short version of the trick-track. Let’s remind, that in long backgammon the checkers of rivals move in one direction, in short ones they move towards each other.

Both variants allow using both a leading and blocking strategy. in order to win, you need to show both tactical talents and skills of strategic thinking. This is an excellent simulator for the development of memory, intelligence, ability to see the situation in the future.

Find your opponent

Agree, it is very convenient: you do not need to carry a shish-besh board, because you and your friend can play backgammon for free, meeting on the online battlefield. If you do not have friends who play in the trick-track, you will certainly find the opponent online – perhaps from the other end of the world.

Old browser-based online gameOne of the undoubted advantages of LiveGames on the Miniclip Games platform is the lack of registration. You can start the battle right away, entering under any acanthus from popular social networks. And it is very convenient, because while registering – playing perehochetsya. Do not waste time, start playing a desktop online game without registration: as soon as you go to LiveGames!

Overview of the new game Asterix and Friends, the genre of strategy

Play game Asterix and Friends Online

In distant Gaul, where unimaginably beautiful nature and dozens of living tribes, there was once calm and quiet. But the impudent Romans came, the appearance of which was the result of the growth of the famous Roman Empire. The shadow of Rome covers almost everything and seeks to destroy those who disagree and disobedient. Almost no one was able to resist the smooth structure of the legionnaires, except for a small village with the galls that inhabited it. These Gauls know how to fight their enemies better than everyone else, using the most beautiful combat equipment in the world:

The local druid has the secret of creating a special potion. If you drink it, you can for some time become unimaginably strong and able to deal alone with a whole legion of opponents. But even with such weapons in their hands, the Gauls are afraid of something: what if the sky breaks and falls on them? http://miniclipgamez.com/

The game Asterix and Friends came out relatively recently, but it can already be downloaded in Russian on android and play calmly. There is also a hacked version, which often does not start, because hacking is not entirely suitable for some devices. Perhaps there are even codes that allow you to get resources for free, but why are they a real gamer? More games are on the site.

Not so simple

New game online 2017Thought that in Asterix and Friends you immediately give the two main characters and will carefree cut the soldiers of Caesar? No, really! Initially under control, you get a dilapidated village, which recently survived the attack of the Romans. It is necessary literally from scratch to create what was once called an advanced village. With the help of the protagonist, you will need to chisel stones, chop wood, pump water, and then build buildings. The exiled villagers will gradually return, the population will grow, and new opportunities for improvement will appear.

It’s impossible to lock yourself in the village, because there are many enemy soldiers around. We will have to create combat detachments and conquer the surrounding lands. Getting control of farms, mines and sawmills, you can extract vital resources. The seizure of coastal areas will also allow to fish or trade, for example, with Egypt.

Fun Fun

Gauls really love two things – entertainment and fights. There is nothing surprising in the possibility of fights between neighboring villages. You decide what to bet on in such “competitions” – the bet size will depend on the bet. Suggest a ragged Roman sandalwood – get a penny. Put a bag of gold – the treasury will be significantly replenished. In dueling and brawling their guys can be equipped, but only with funny things, for example, stools, rotten fish, broken rockers. In general, by not hurting neighbors, but at the same time will allow them to win over them, taking away the winnings.

Without food, nowhere

Free online game Asterix and FriendsIn Asterix and Friends there is already tested on many gamers energy system. This means that for each action will have to give a certain amount of food. The stock of food is replenished automatically, but its volume is limited. Fortunately, you can regularly go on a hunt and make up for the loss. In the forests there are not so many animals, but it constantly “reboots”, so there will be no shortage for purposes of catching or shooting. An active player will get much more opportunities for development, unlike one who visits the village once or twice a day. Having a constant increase in food, you can pumping and feeding the fighters without stopping, sending them to fights or fights without waiting.

Speed ​​up the flow

To improve the level of the account and open new buildings you need to work long. To speed up the process will help the execution of quests, some of which are given by the legendary Obelix and Asterix. At first they mock a little, but then they will be sent to responsible tasks. It is interesting that they themselves can be used for this or that purpose. Obelix, for example, easily scattered a detachment of Romans, and Asterix is ​​a quick guy, able to make his way anywhere.

In general, the strategy is very successful, competitors can start to be afraid. In the first place there is a cheerful entourage and a positive. But you will not be able to relax, because you have to work constantly to achieve the desired result.

Review of online games 1100 AD

Play game 1100 AD

How does the history of the great kingdom begin? From a small castle. From a neglected, poor estate. With a small knight troop, faithful to his overlord. With registration in the free browser strategy 1100AD!

The plot takes us to the times of feudal estates and knightly duels. This is a real find for those who want to play an economic browser on the theme of the Middle Ages! http://currentgamez.com

Review online games 1100AD

Game 1100 AD for freeThe higher the realism of development – the more interesting it is to play in browser simulators. In this sense 1100AD is really very good and will impress even the hardcore gamer. A powerful economic component is combined in this game with excellent tactical and strategic capabilities:

You need to develop your castle and surrounding areas. First, the estate is in a terrible decline, and your opportunities do not allow you to create at least some meaningful army. But everything is ahead of you! Develop, build, grow rich. Concluding alliances with neighbors, lead a mutually beneficial trade. By the way, a tunnel can be built between the allied cities, which will secure the movement of your caravans.
You can show all your tactical talents on the battlefield, combining different types of troops and applying ingenious military techniques. Naturally, the more money you have, the more powerful the army, the better the armament. And at the head of it you can put the heroic commander! But to hire it, it will take economic power.
Be sure to pay attention to the strategic planning of your development. Include long-term alliances, apply diplomacy skills and look at territories that can become yours.

Online games 2017 - 1100 ADWithin the framework of the brief review it is impossible to describe all the branches of the armed forces and the types of buildings. But the review of the browser game in the genre of strategy 1100ad will be incomplete, if you do not mention the Asian setting. If European feudalism bores you – create your kingdom in Asia!

Start playing right now!

To successfully free play 1100ad online, real money is not required. They can be invested to get some time-saving features, but most gamers play for free.

Play online in the Liberation of Europe

Play game Liberation of Europe

Free game The liberation of Europe endures in the era of World War II, when the fate of the continent was decided in the confrontation between the USSR, Germany and the allied coalition. You will break into Paris and Berlin, seize Moscow or lead European countries under the authority of the US – the outcome of a global duel depends on the choice of the faction. But do not think that playing free online in the Liberation of Europe will not be difficult. Only after learning the many secrets of the game, you do not sit in a puddle when trying to take any more or less of a large city. Let’s talk about these nuances in more detail.

Develop the Central District

Play online gamesAt the beginning of the online game focus on the development of the Central District. Click on the blue button of the same name at the bottom of the screen and you will enter the window with three tabs:

the science.

On the first tab you will find four buildings. The Kremlin determines the level of other buildings, the Ministry of Industry is responsible for the extraction of resources, Sberbank delivers the currency, and the National Reserve sets limits on resources and currencies that you can keep in your account. Playing for free in the strategy of the Liberation of Europe, regularly pump these buildings to increase the economic power of your faction.

Do not forget the buildings with the tabs Army and Science. The former allow you to gain command points necessary for the construction of military equipment and recruitment of troops, and the latter are necessary for the modernization of tanks, aircraft and defenses. To improve the level of construction in the strategy of the Liberation of Europe, find this building in the Central District and click the “Improve” button.

Restore cities

Each captured or liberated city is the source of replenishment of your treasury. But before you click on the button “Collect taxes”, restore the destroyed mining buildings. Continuing to play for free already in new locations, regularly improve the conquered cities, and you will collect more tribute from them.

Prepare for the battles

Online games for freeFor the successful passage of the online strategy Liberation of Europe requires careful preparation for the storming of cities. Each unit has troops that it can defeat on the spot, and those against which it is almost powerless. Divide the divisions in such a way that your connections inflict 100% damage to the enemy, while the response damage would not exceed 25%. At least several times playing online in the browser game The Liberation of Europe, you will understand that in these actions there is nothing super complicated.

Complete assignments

Do not neglect the game tasks. The execution of quests is rewarded with gold and additional points for the development of the offensive. The city from the task is searched on the world map by icons with flashing green swords.